Donald Martin's Views on Human Intelligence

Theory of Human Intelligence: Intelligence in evolved organic creatures is an emergent
property.  In humans, intelligence is in the early stages of emerging.

Note the following article in the Los Angeles Times:

Do you see how Drew Westen is trying to tell everyone something that they don't seem to
already understand?  He it trying to explain that humans are not primarily intelligent, but
primarily emotion machines.  There are early signs of intelligence in humans but the fallacy
of thinking of humans as primarily intelligent is due to the lack of any true intelligence
against which the human may be compared.  This will change in the next decades.

Hearts over minds,  he tells Democrats
LATimes  | July 9, 2007 | Robin Abcarian

A brain researcher says the party needs to connect with voters' emotions to win.

WASHINGTON — Drew Westen, a genial 48-year-old psychologist and brain researcher, was talking to
and why going negative is not to be feared.

It was Day 2 of the progressive "Take Back America" confab, and those who had crowded into a
meeting room of the Washington Hilton were about to discover why Westen, a psychology professor at
Atlanta's Emory University and former associate professor at Harvard Medical School, had quietly
become the great rumpled hope of Democrats who believe their candidates should have won the last two
presidential elections.

Westen has spent many years training psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers, and his major
brush with fame before now had been the occasional commentary on National Public Radio. In the last
several months, though, he has gone from a politically inclined nobody to a hot ticket, presenting his
ideas to presidential campaigns, political strategists, pollsters, consultants and donors.