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Thanks for using Yahoo! Mail Plus. Can you believe a year has flown by since we last talked
Your Yahoo! Mail Plus service will renew on 04/26/2009, and your credit card will be
charged the annual fee of $19.99. If your billing information is up-to-date, there's no need to
do a thing (except keep enjoying your email) and your service will continue without

We have made some changes to the Mail Plus service. Your premium service will now include
POP access, no graphical ads, 20 MB message size, live customer care, Addressguard, no
account expiration, and 50 filters.

To double-check your billing information, please visit https://billing.yahoo.com and click the
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The Yahoo! Mail Team


Dear Registrant:

Your askthebots.com domain name is currently registered via Yahoo Inc., a reseller of
Melbourne IT Ltd, your registrar of record.

Please note that following the acquisition of Melbourne IT Ltd’s international reseller
business by Tucows Inc. in March 2016  

Your domain name will be transferred from Melbourne IT Ltd to Tucows Inc. as part of a bulk
transfer of domain names. The proposed bulk transfer only involves a change of the registrar
sponsorship from Melbourne IT Ltd to Tucows Inc. and will not affect your ownership of your
domain or your rights as a registrant.  After the proposed transfer, all information on your
Whois record will remain unchanged except that the sponsoring registrar will be changed
from Melbourne IT Ltd to Tucows Inc. The proposed transfer is also subject to the review and
approval of the applicable registry. All transfer rules and policies set by ICANN and the
applicable registry shall remain in effect following such transfer.

You will continue to be supported by Yahoo Inc. after this transfer. The customer support and
technical contact information of Yahoo Inc. is as follows:

E-mail: domains-support@cc.yahoo-inc.com

For your information only, Tucows’ contact information is as follows:

  E-mail: help@opensrs.com
  Tel: 1 888 511 7284

You can choose to opt out of this bulk transfer by transferring your domain to another reseller
/ registrar within 30 calendar days of receiving this email.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.  Many thanks for your

Melbourne IT Ltd