Home in Wellesley Massachusetts

When my parents moved to Wellesley we lived at 403 Weston Road.  It was an easy walk to Route 9,
where there were a few stores and a small regional library.  The Boston Marathon (which is now even
more famous than it was back when I was young) came through Wellesley.

Our home was opposite Bryn Mawr Road and the next road to the south was Thomas Road.  At the end
of Thomas Road was the Perrin Elementary School where I went from 3rd grade to 6th grade.  Elaine
Smith (now Cummings), Norman Smith and Ronald Smith also attended Perrin School.

My father paid $14,000 for our home and the interest rate on the mortgage was below 2%, as I recall.  I
don't know what that home is going for today, but the home at 5 Thomas Road (close by) has been torn
down and a new one put up.  It is selling for over $1.7 million dollars.  

But that is not the whole picture.  Apparently that home is on what was more than one lot and has a
driveway that starts on Thomas Road and ends up on Weston Road.  Not sure what is going on.  
Another home (409 Weston) more like the one we lived in sold last year for more like $750,000.  Since
our home and the 409 Weston Road home were built in 1921, that is not a bad price.  The lots are
about 1/4th acre.

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