Hip Replacement 2017-03-21

Notes sent to Bob R:
Friday March 17, I will be told the exact time of my operation.
March 20th in the evening I am to have you apply a patch to a specific portion of my lower
spine.  On the morning of March 21, you will drive me to Rush Medical where I will have my
operation.  After a couple of hours when I become sufficiently conscious, you will drive me
back to the Lake Home.  According to Dave Kelso, I will be able to take care of myself from
there on including climbing steps, etc.

In case I cannot, it would be nice if you could stay with me for a couple of days.  If, for some
reason I don't recover as quickly as anticipated, you might drop me off at a post-operative care
facility where they know how to deal with 215 pound incapacitated men.

Actual History
What actually happened is that Bob drove us from the hosptial to Gilmer Road House where we
ate lunch including a beer.  I was feeling no pain at that point in time.  Pain started a few days
later and I took Oxycontin and other drugs to ward it off.  Physical therapists visited me and
instructed me to do exercises which helped me recover.