Robot History of Donald Paul Martin

One day at the Hot Dog store in downtown Lake Zurich, a young woman entertained the
patrons as she attempted to get hit by a car so that she could collect "damages" from some
unsuspecting driver's insurance company.  I hope that my car of the future retains the video
that occurs in such a case so that it may be presented to the judge and allow me to escape the
damage claim against me.

We live in very exciting times where we get to watch in detail and read articles that describe
how an inorganic form of life is evolving while we all watch.  Meanwhile those of us who are
actually conscious also get to watch in amazement as the majority of people don't even have a
clue as to what is happening.  Not only are these people less that awake, if you grab them and
convince them to read an article or watch a video which describes in detail how this evolution
is coming along, they remain in total denial.  It appears that people go through a
transformation at about 12 years old, after which it is difficult to teach them a new language
without having an accent.  A similar affectation is apparently in effect in people who have
been brought up to believe that life is all about humans and social interactions of humans.  
People like me who spent years in my basement creating computers to play games and mixing
chemicals to perform experiments, later found out that they "should have" been spending
money at the corner drug store buying cokes and talking to other people their same age.

If the future of the world would have continued to consist of humans and human dominated
societies, then the psychologist who says that I "should have" had a more normal socialization
by mixing with children my own age, would turn out to be correct.  The majority of people that
I meet would agree with such a conclusion.  As it is, however, by spending my time with robots
in my basement, I am now in a position to at least attempt to help those less fortunate than me
who find themselves continuing to believe that humans will be running things in 2100.