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Steve Loboyko
Sr. Data Analyst, Lexmark International

Well, I finally got it out after some reinking and you should get the Qwint terminal and a manual today,
1z448X010321469156. Let me know how this goes!

On 8/25/15, 6:06 AM, Donald Martin wrote:
I am now noticing that you live in Kentucky. That is a bit far to meet you for lunch. My address is 26487
N IL-83, Mundelein IL 60060. 847-438-1438

On 8/24/15, 3:19 PM, Steve Loboyko wrote:
I should add, that my work phone # is 859 232 5173. I live in Lexington, KY.

On 8/18/15, 7:45 AM, Donald Martin wrote:
Hello Steve. I wish I had a KSR printer...if you find another one, let me know.

On 9/11/12, 8:54 PM, Steve Loboyko wrote:
I remember working with you and others at Qwint very fondly...but I believe that I was one of the dumbest
people in the whole place, which had never happened before and hasn't happened since!

I actually have a Qwint KSR-744 that works and prints very well...I bought it on eBay and repaired it,
using the service manual that I had written 20+ years earlier! I copied the EPROMs, copied them to
other EPROMs and saved them to flash because I became paranoid that they would "lose it" from age. I
seem to recall that there was a prediction that this would happen with EPROMS after many years. This
machine is in my museum collection, along with HP calculators from the 70's and 80's, HP and
Lear-Siegler terminals, and PDP8/e clones that I have built, complete with paper tape readers (yes, I
have working punches also).

I've built 8008 and 8080 single board computers using ideas from your book, Microcomputer Design,
which I have. I have resurrected SCELBAL, a BASIC-like language, and I have an 8008 emulator written
in Visual Basic that runs it!

I am now working on 4004 and 4040 single board designs, which I expect to complete with vintage parts
this year or early next year..

Many of these projects are on my website,

What do I do now for a living? Boring stuff - I designed and maintain a database at Lexmark that collects
data on hundreds of thousands of printers worldwide and reports on their health and needs for
consumables and repairs, which it also automatically dispatches. In my spare time (if any), I enjoy taking
my wife and dogs to the park in my (old) Mercedes SL's, one of which I drive every day all year and
throw a lot of time and money into maintaining.