Norman Dawson Smith's biological father was Joseph Kennedy

Ethel Dawson was born in Northern Ireland to Protestant parents.  They brought her over to the US
when she was only 3 months old.  They were poor and when Ethel was old enough, she worked as a
baby sitter to the Joseph Kennedy family her job being taking care of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy
and Ted Kennedy plus I am not sure who else.

She was seduced by Joseph Kennedy and perhaps informed her parents who sent her to a Evangelical
Christian College in Canada to set her on a better path.  She was born in 1910 and Iver Smith was born
in 1901.  Perhaps he met her at Tremont Temple but they were married in 1936.  Their first child was
Elaine Smith who was born in Arlington Massachusetts.  Apparently Joseph Kennedy "visited" her once
again and she became pregnant with Norman.  Iver found out and but raised Norman as his own child.  
Norman always felt as if he were not a real part of the family and it might have been because his father
treated him differently because he knew that he was not his biological father.  

Norman was not told about this until Iver was about to die in 1977.  Norman promised not to tell anyone
until after his mother died.  He kept this promise.

He called September 7, 2014 4:43 PM and informed me that he was Joseph Kennedy's son.
His cell phone is: 620-453-2862
Address is PO Box 109
Holcomb KS 67851

He probably imagined the whole story...but it is intriguing.

Norman's Kennedy Connection