Tesla notes

The postponing of the Earnings Announcement and Conference Call for Tesla was due to the launch of
Space-X rocket.  The seas were choppy so they didn't attempt to recapture the launch first stage.
Apparently the rocket launch went well.

Just to hear Elon Musk studder and act humble even though we all know he is a genius is always a
treat.  They were supposed to make 30 or so cents and they lost 30 or so cents instead because of
currency translation.  Some of the cars we saw in the showrooms were trade-ins that people left while
picking up their Model D with four-wheel drive.  They cannot keep up with demand for the Model D
with four-wheel drive.    

You have to love this company.

They are learning the automobile industry from scratch, but they also believe the book Future Smart
when it predicts that some form of Fusion energy is only 3-5 years away.  When electricity is
inexpensive, the world will change and TSLA stock will do fine.  

Now, you may think that the powers that be will not allow inexpensive energy to take over.
Perhaps you are right.
But consider, if you will, that someone recently landed a quad copter on the White House lawn.  Oops.
And this was just after the Secret Service had allowed a person to run up to the White House and gain
entry without a challenge.  Luckily an off-duty person stopped him.

These events come from the fact that common ordinary people have access to technology that
Presidents didn't have 20 years ago.  Take cell phones.  Clinton didn't have one when he ran and yet
we saw Al Gore on "TV" talking on a cell phone when the election was in flux in 2000.  At the time,
"TV" was something that was broadcast on Radio Frequencies from "large metal towers". This is hard
to imagine now, of course, because now it is something that comes through the cable via the internet
and is received via NetFlix, Google and Amazon Prime.  We are looking forward to receiving Apple
TV as well, via the internet.  If you want to know what "TV" was, just Google it and include "Wike" in
your search.

Don't forget to tune in the TSLA conference call.

It was postponed because of the Space-X launch, which apparently went well.  


How can someone bet against Elon Musk?