Technology Causes Deflation
Technology causes deflation and the loss of human jobs.  If you automate truck driving you take away
a huge number of jobs.  If you automate McDonald's, you also remove quite a few jobs.  Removing
boring manual jobs is a positive.  Send the unemployed to school with some of the money that is saved.
Teach them to be creative, art, music, program computers, invent new iPhone apps, etc.

India is working on Thorium reactors.  Make thousands of them and eliminate the fall-out from
burning coal.  People are breathing unclean air in China.  Thorium, cold fusion, and hot fusion reactors
could make electricity and all cars and trucks could be made to recharge from the electric grid. Change
the electricity into hydrogen, if you prefer and let everyone drive hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Michael Snyder either cannot think clearly or is cranking out words to meet the demands of a
pessimistic audience.  We are into the Singularity now and it will be difficult for the pessimists to stop
increased wealth and an increased standard of living for the world.