Sent 2016-08-20

II received a notice from Xfinity (Comcast) that I could get their Cable service complete with a voice
recognition remote that would allow me to "change channels, search for shows, get recommendations
and more."  I assume that the recommendations means that they will use my past selections to guess at
the type of material I tend to enjoy and that further they will bias those recommendations towards
whomever pays them "advertizing fees".  

Do you object to this kind of robotic insertion into your life?

As a second point and to illustrate how robots and namely smartphones are being used, let me state
that I just received the following message from Joe Firca's iPhone:

Dear friends,

I've arrived at the day of my worst fears, my wife Jean has been diagnosed with B cell lymphoma, stage
4.  I've been notified by the oncologists that she has only 3 to 7 days to live. I thank all of you for your
prayers, concern and kind words. My very best to you and your families.

Joe Firca

Sent from my iPhone

Are you ready for this world?  It is only going to get "worse".