Sent 2016-07-26

I am redoing the culvert and replacing the wooden wall with bricks.  I have lost 5 pounds by moving
bricks.  Most of the work has been done using my Tesla and its trunk.  Now the truck is emptied of bricks
and I can use it to haul more bricks.  I am working with Raquel (whose daughters keep having more
children and live in her home while she lives in her basement) and Mario (excellent brick layer) and
Jose.  The culture is more disorganized than would make many Americans comfortable.  When there is
pending rain, there is no rush to put the wheelbarrow filled with concrete inside to shelter it.  Some small
bags of concrete were simply left outside to get wet and harden...a waste.

Mostly one lives for the moment.  Salaries are low and savings are out of the question.  Raquel asks for
rapid payment so that the workers can be paid the same day.  

Jose used the older and broken bags of underlayment before using the new bags that I had purchased.  
Raquel picked up the empty bags and kept the place a bit cleaner than might have been hoped for.  

In the movie, Hilary's America, Dinesh D'Souza mentions that back in India, the general culture of the
cities involves many gangs.  I had never heard that before.  Are all humans only kept from a gang
culture by some sort of cultural imparting as well as enough money to keep above the poverty line?

My mother never had anything but cloth diapers when raising her two boys.  Now a woman on NPR radio
states that it is difficult to pay for disposable diapers on minimum wage.  

If robots acted this way, they would be reprogrammed.  If they lacked the hardware to support the newer
more powerful software, they would be recycled.  But Raquel's daughters are rewarded and approved of
by Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton brings out women in wheelchairs and illegal aliens who can speak
proper American English and says that we want more of these.

Robotic ethics: When your PC is "too decrepit to function" discard it and buy a new one.
Human ethics: When your human is "too decrepit to function (such as will Alzheimer's)" spend unlimited
money on it like John H's brother who has had Alzheimer's for ten years.  John mentions having seen the
inside of numerous hospitals in the last ten years.  His brother's wife complains that John and his sister
don't spend enough time sitting with the shell of a man which was once their brother.  This is a brother
that doesn't even know that he is still alive.

Do you honestly think that humans will "win" in a competition with the robots?
Do you honestly think that our ethics are 'superior'?

Here is another one of your 'superior' human ethics: If a baby is aborted, the body should be destroyed
by cremation instead of being sold or given to researchers to advance science.

Give me a break...