Sent 2016-06-21

Consider the following tasks that might be accomplished:
1. With hidden cameras, record the movements and conversations with a beautiful young woman with
the goal of using that information to design a home-robot to keep one company.

Proposed: this is affordable because more than one such robot will be created and sold at a handsome
profit allowing us both to have our own such attractive robot to "keep us company".

2. Watch the TV series out of England called "Humans", which delves into the implications of living with
humanoid robots that are much like ourselves, but less forgetful.

3. Visit Midge and note that her whole life is dedicated to taking care of dogs and flowers in her yard.
Consider the efficiency of such instincts and how it impacts the economy.  Discuss whether the number
of women achievers adds to the economy more than the number of women gardeners/dog-carers
subtract from it.

4. Find a gay-muslim bar and discuss Barack Obama with the customers.  Discuss with the locals
whether killing sprees help or hurt the Muslim cause.  Try to identify the person who has been planted
as an FBI agent in the group.

5. Now that the next generation of humans will have no jobs, discuss how to modify the society to keep
going successfully with robots taking the place of humans.  Would there be fewer wars or more wars
because humans love wars and will have robots do their fighting?  

Please add your ideas to this list.