Sent 2016-05-28

The TV series called Robot is about humans and the one called Humans is about robots.  Go figure...

In Humans, one robot helps a family by taking care of the man's wife who has trouble getting around.  
When the husband sees the robot lifting up his wife to take her to the bathroom to do her "duties" he
gets jealous.  

A second couple consists of a wife who is a lawyer that has to leave town for two days for a case.  When
two days stretches to five, the husband feels overloaded by having to work his own job and also
watching after a teenage daughter, a middle-school-aged son and a toddler daughter as well.  So he
goes out and purchases a robot without first checking if the wife agrees.  When the wife returns home,
she is bothered because the robot keeps a neater home, is the preferred story teller to the toddler
daughter, cooks better, and other such jealous-competition reactions.  Logic says that they need the
robot, but emotions are a different matter.

Here is one of the punch lines.  The teenage daughter has her grades fall fro A's to D's because she
realizes that it is useless to study to be a doctor because a robot can learn to be a doctor in what she
says is "seven seconds".  This may be inaccurate because it takes my Tesla one hour and forty minutes
to download and install an update.  Watson can process 500 gigabytes per second and reads all the
new publications concerning the medical field.  

Must be depressing to be a human...thank goodness I switched to being a humanoid robot.
Now I just have to figure out what gender I am and which bathroom to use in which state.