Six-Wheeled Delivery Robots Set to Hit UK Streets
By Engineering360 News Desk
22 March 2016

Self-driving robots will begin delivering goods and groceries in the four nations of the UK over the next
six months in preparation for the launch of pilot delivery services later this year.

Starship Technologies, a company launched by the co-founders of Skype, says it will begin trials of its
six-wheeled intelligent robots in the Greenwich district of London. The robot is designed for delivery of
products within a three-mile radius in 30 minutes or less "for under £1 per shipment," according to the

Bob says: Hello.
Thanks, Donbot, for yet another example of forced learning
for humans to interact with robotic systems.
Q.: With what rate of response may thugs use such transport
vehicles to transfer burning bags of rags and gasoline to the
waiting arms of a receiving department?
Q.: Will this robotic system have an arm to engage the
wheelchair door open command to enter the public entrance?  
Q.: Is it the human specie that shall need to
rapidly evolve
or the technological developers
seeking to define a new sociological space,
that of the interacting robotic systems?

Donbot wishes to reply:
Apparently you don't want to join the Amish community, that would be going backwards from where your
family brought you up.  You simply want everything to stop advancing technologically.
Most old men seem to agree with you.  They simply want to drive their 1957 Chevy Bel Air and be done
with it.  Meanwhile there are just shy of 400,000 people who have pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3.

From my perspective, that means that there is hope for the world.

But how can it?  Take, for example, the Inuits in Alaska who have been told to stop killing baby seals and
polar bears.  Average citizens don't want them to use sled dogs as their "slaves" so they need
snowmobiles for transportation.  Are you opposed to snowmobiles as well?  To feed these Inuits when
they can no longer feed themselves takes 6 times the money than to feed someone in a major US city
on welfare. We brought them candy bars and raisin-oatmeal cookies and now they need dentists.  Do
you want to make illegal the raisin-oatmeal cookies as well.  Dentistry is a "good-paying job".  Do you
want to eliminate it?