Sent 2016-03-30

You don't have any problem believing that the end is near for the USA, but you do NOT seem to be
capable of extending those same thoughts to the survival of the human race.

Is it the US government that has declared the ultimately stupid notion of negative interest rates?  But
you send me rants on the US economy rather than on the economies which have gone to negative
interest rates.  

One problem in the human mind is that all past assumptions have been founded on a base consisting of
Humans, Humans and more Humans at the top.  If "we go to Mars" that means that humans go to Mars.

But wait...there are investigators on Mars and they are a product of creation, not evolution and they
were designed to survive the environment of Mars.  It would be difficult for a human to survive on Mars
simply because they were not designed or did not evolve in that environment.  Therefore Martian
Rovers are robots, NOT humans.

If you go to the argument that "we humans created the robots" and therefore it is still "all about humans"
then this argument fails because using that logic, you get credit for nothing because you were created
by an offspring of your mother more recently and eventually the missing link or Adam and Eve and
therefore Adam and Eve deserve all of the credit, not you.  

Ask yourself what entities can occupy the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Asteroids.  The answer is Robots,
not humans.  Even if humans dominate the planet Earth in your mind, certainly you cannot picture them
dominating space for which they were not designed, can you?  

Also the future cannot possibly belong to a race which lacks sufficient intelligence to
avoid the many problems that you point out like huge debt and negative interest rates, for example.  
Can humans both institute negative interest rates, run up trillions of dollars in debt and still legitimately
call themselves "the intelligent and the superior race"?  

Meanwhile robots are taking the lead in telescopes because they can survive in outer space.  Robots
can set up colonies and travel to far off galaxies because they don't have the age limitations of humans.  
Arguing that humans are here to stay is like saying that we will never quit horses as our main form of
transportation and move on to machines instead.  Going from horses to automobiles is like going from
human factory workers to robots.  The pattern is clear and continuing.  Humans will become
superfluous.  What is the cost of repairing a bad hip joint on a robot versus replacing my hip joint for
$20,000 plus hospital costs and whatever Medicare pays?

Now that you know the huge debt of Illinois is due to retired humans, don't you see that the way to avoid
that is to use robots?  Robots don't require money to retire, do they?  You seem to understand that we
have run up a lot of debt but you don't see that the obvious fix is to use robots instead of humans.  Will
robots desire to blow up cities to create terror to promote their religion?  Why do you insist on defending
such stupidity?  

To the extent that we depend on reading our newspapers and newsletters written by humans to find out
"what is going on", we must necessarily find it difficult to picture a world in which humans take the back
seat.  99% of our input comes from humans, not robots.  

Here is the cure for your perception problem.

First, if you are still riding horses, buy a car, preferably an electric Tesla with self-driving characteristics.  
Then buy a smart phone, an Amazon Echo and a few toy robots.

When you get your smartphone practice asking it many questions and try sending text messages using
your voice commands.  Then talk to your Amazon Echo which answers your questions and orders the
items you need when asked.  After that, drive your Tesla car that does much of the driving.  Then ask
your Tesla, "Call Don" and it does, then you ask it "Play The Beatles" and it does, then you ask it
"Navigate Don's home" and it does.  

When my self-driving Tesla gets better software, I will take you for a ride in the back seat where we can
share a bottle of scotch.

If you don't expose yourself to robots, you will continue to be blind to the fact that they are taking over.  
On the other hand, you can "go Amish".