Sent 2016-02-26 in response to Bob saying that Industrial Heat will be prevented from selling units which
heat without needing to burn coal.

I believe that what you are saying is that Tesla cannot manufacture cars because they will put gas
station labor out of work.  Also, independent dealers will be hurt by having cars that need NO oil
changes, no transmission fluid or repair, no catalytic converters needing to be replaced, lower prices on
Platinum and Palladium because of no need for catalytic converters, etc.

You may want to visit the Tesla dealership near here and find that the salesmen once worked for ICE
car companies.  Then you may want to visit the people who run the Libertyville Chevy dealer and find
that they have no electric cars on the showroom because they know that they are a threat to their
business of repair.  You will also find out that they don't typically purchase cars for spec that have safety
features such as having the car refuse to drive over pedestrians.  Such features have caused the sales
of replacement bumpers and fenders to go down.

It is your belief that the folks at the Liberty Chevy dealer will dominate and lobby for laws to drive the
Tesla self-driving electric cars with motors designed to last 1 million miles OUT OF BUSINESS.

In answering this message, would you please predict when Tesla will be driven to the wall and run out of

I mentioned to my dermatologist that I had a self-driving Telsa and he responded that he has similar
features on his Volvo.

When do you suspect that Volvo will be driven out of business or have laws passed that make such
safety features illegal?  Will seat belts and air bags also be banned because they reduce the business
at emergency rooms and threaten health industry jobs?

Please be aware that not only is Tesla building a Gigafactory to manufacture batteries for their
self-driving all-electric cars, but they also got huge subsidies from the State of Nevada.  From their
perspective, it is something that will create jobs.  Nevertheless, it is true that electric self-driving cars will
eliminate jobs for those trained to spray ether into their carburetors on cold Winter mornings.  

As you pointed out, Ford is taking up with Google to manufacture self-driving cars.  Michigan and
California are fighting over who gets the official test site for self-driving cars.  When do you think that the
movement to stop this trend towards massive elimination of jobs commence?  Will it be before or after
the movement to stop airbags and seat belts for their tendency to lessen jobs?  Will Anti-lock Braking
Systems also succumb to the same objection as masses of protesters gather around dealers who sell
such job eliminating features?

Now lets cover the wind and solar industries.  Will coal miners sit still for those who claim that Sulphur
Dioxide from coal-burning smoke stacks is poisonous to the human body?  Won't they go out with rocks
and smash every solar cell that they can find?  Windmills kill birds.  Won't bird-lovers stop the
construction of windmills and insist that the current wind mills come down?

Texas has enough wind mills to generate 10% of the electricity that they need.  They need to add
batteries or some other means of energy storage to bridge through windless moments.  Will such
batteries be banned because they mean that the State of Texas needs fewer Natural Gas Peaker
units?  Maybe the workers who maintain such units will cause a riot??

The Germans are coming.  Audi's new electric car coming next year has wireless charging.  They plan to
have charging stations all over the country and they specify that they will have 150kWatt capabilities
whereas Tesla Superchargers peak out at 120kWatts.  New Jersey has laws against having car owners
pump their own gas.  This means more workers at gas stations.  Will New Jersey pass a law against Audi
drivers driving over a wireless charging unit at one of their stations?  Maybe a "certified charging driver"
will have to place the Audi properly over the charging unit.  As it is now, Audi claims that the driver only
has to get it approximately over the charging unit and the car will automatically re-position itself
properly.  Eliminating jobs.  Sounds like an opportunity for the Workers of the World to Unite under the
Communist banner and demand their rights.

Oh, and finally, when someone starts to ship water heaters that don't require either natural gas of
electricity to operate, you believe that:
Laws will be passed by the same people who passed laws against Tesla.
Laws will be passed by the same people who passed laws against Seat belts
Laws will be passed by the same people who passed laws against solar cells
Laws will be passed by the same people who passed laws against self-driving cars.

Let me know so that I can leave town before the riots begin...


Donald Paul Martin
Member Society of Petroleum Engineers

Again on the same date:

I did the calculations and if the new electric generator fits in the Front Trunk (Frunk) of my Tesla and
delivers 400 Watts continuously 24 hours per day, it will give me 10,000 of driving without ever needing
to be plugged in except for trips where I will plug into their Supercharger stations.  Sounds like heaven to

Of course, if you don't do the calculations, you can end up believing someone who tells you that electric
cars will "overload" the electrical grid.

Here are the two key equations:
400 Watts * 24 hours * 365 days = 3,504,000 Watt-Hours of energy per year.
10,000 miles per year * 350 kWattHours per mile = 3,500,000 Watt-Hours of energy per year.

Not only doesn't it overload the grid, I can replace the grid with a larger version of the generator.
I prefer his approach of starting out with a "harmless" 400 watt generator.  He will ship to multiple nations
and if there is a "backlash" in any one nation, it will be like the backlash that occurred when GM walked
out on a deal for the Google self-driving car.  GM made a mistake and now Ford has signed up with
Google.  One's first reaction to new technology might not be correct.

I agree that the old-fashioned car dealers are not going to like any of these transformations.  The coal
miners voted for Obama because he told him that Mitt Romney was their enemy and would shutter their
mines.  Ooops!  Politicians lie...  So, Bob, did the coal miners rebel?  Did Obama have to pay for his lies?

The world is changing very quickly as you can see from the difference between the Atlas robot and the
versions available 9 months ago for the DARPA contest.  I don't see things slowing down.