Inteligentry PUT offer on October 8, 2012

I have a Dermatologist appointment on October 15th after which I am available to go to Las Vegas and
pick up the pieces of my engine and see if I cannot also get a gas mixing card as well as a set of
electronics.  I am not sure but that I don't want to ever get a set of electronics because that will give him
a "license to sue me for violating an agreement not to reverse engineer his electronics design".

If you want to keep your stock and see what will happen, as far as a stockholder's meeting and the
December 11th show, then perhaps it will be worth the tuition payment to do so. My offer is for buying
your stock now or you get to keep it as a memento of your adventures on the Rohner Roller Coaster.  I
am not giving you a free PUT for the indefinite future.  Perhaps I should only give you $2,000 because
you have enjoyed at least $2 grand worth of entertainment and education so far.  How about this:
$4,000 today and $3,500 tomorrow and it goes down $500 per day.  A moving PUT, as it were.

Jim McCarthy is the closest to the action right now.  I asked him how many more months he plans to
spend in Las Vegas waiting to get his motor running.  He laughed and told me that he plans to go into
Inteligentry this afternoon (after the "big wigs" leave) and finish getting his motor running.  After that he
plans to put it in his van and drive back to Seattle WA.  

I don't expect his motor will run today.  It will be another set of excuses.  If I ask John about getting a
working motor, he will ask me where is my quote on building him 25 sets of parts to be used to train
people on how to put together engines.  Getting a prototype working is always secondary to meeting
with "big wigs" about another country license contract.  Next priority is planning production and changing
the design for cost reduction.  The lowest priority seems to be getting a prototype working.