Dealing With the US Debt 'crisis'

You would be less concerned about the US Debt and the fact that congress spends as if "there were no
tomorrow" if you would only read Kurzweil's The Singularity is Near.  It should be at your library by now
even if you are in a backwards non-intellectual part of the world.  You see, the congressmen are right
and you have it wrong simply because you don't understand that after two decades pass, there will be
no tomorrow for humans.

Given that the machines will be taking over by 2031 (when my first grandson turns 21) why should you,
a mere human being, concern yourself with issues which will be left to the machines to solve?

UN Agenda 21 asserts that the earth's population of humans is too large by a huge amount.  It should
be cut down to a few millions at most according to the United Nations in its concern for other organic
aspects of the earth.  You need to remember the simple conclusion that they have drawn: Humans bad,
Nature good.

Agenda 22 is to be written by the robots and they will want to cut the population of humans down to
where it can fit into the zoos next to the large apes.

Why worry about entitlements owed to people who will end up in crematoria?
Why be concerned that inflation will be coming when there will be plenty of homes, cars and factories for
the humans who survive.  Plenty of fixed assets means Deflation, not Inflation.

Catch up on your reading and your current concerns will vanish is a flash of understanding about the


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