Dealing With John Rohner

To give you a small idea as to why I treat John Rohner like he was Saddam Hussein (a fellow who shot
people who disagreed with him) let me first cite what he says on his site about Nora, his new Mechanical
Engineer Technician:

Nora -- Our Primary ME Tech, Drafter & Researcher .. AND.....
This is the LADY that will provide the class on "Using BobCad", our
standard drawing package, for the training classes and the voice you
will chat with if you need help with drawings etc. OR need a special
drawing done for research or testing.
She is definitely "one smart cookie" and a graduate of ITT Tech as well.
She is also the person that will teach BobCad, our standard drawing
package, as all standard libraries will be in this for sharing amongst
each other.
Thank God for her finally getting all our drawings updated
to production quality.


In the first place, the email address is not functional.
In the second place, I will be very surprised if on August 31st starting at 10AM I will have time to put
together two engines and have time left over to listen to "The Lady that will provide the class on 'Using
In the third place, since I cannot talk to anyone now except John, why would I expect this to change on
August 31st?
Basically, what he calls "the voice you will chat with if you need help with drawings etc." is unreachable
by me and probably the other manufacturers as well.  John tells me "Why talk to Nora or Mark Koppin
when they take their orders from me anyway?"

What adds to the mystery of his actions is the fact that he sent a number of these people to the Tesla
Tech show to talk to people as well as share their last names.  On his site, however, mostly first names
are given and an email address which is non-functional.

John's original partner is/was Haik Biglari, who comes up now as living in the Washington DC area.  No
doubt, Haik is the fellow who can say Strontium instead of Strodium and Ultraviolet rather than
Ultraviolent like John does.

Apparently we are working on an engine which was invented by Joseph Papp and reinvented by Haik
Biglari in 2008.  

As a manager, John Rohner needs a little bit of work.  I intend to treat him as if I were dealing with
Saddam Hussein and will make sure that I don't get shot.