Bob, Newsletters, Shorting XOM and Vertical Farming

Bob Russell is a man who is quite well organized.  He likes the concept of forming corporations and
printing Purchase Order forms, etc.  He also likes gardening.  He now suspects that inexpensive energy
might be coming but is taking a wait-and-see approach to it.  His main advantage over other people is
that he can pre-think a few ideas that he might pursue to make gobs of money off of cheap energy, were
it to arrive.

One idea is newsletters relating to how investments will be affected by cheap energy.
Another idea is Vertical Farming.  Bob loves farming but realizes that vertical farming is currently not
practical simply because of the expense of the energy to drive the grow lights.  Bob also knows that
general purpose robots are coming soon and that they will be able to provide the cheap labor needed in
a vertical farm.

Sounds like things are nicely set so that Bob will be making lots of money in the stock market (XOM
PUTs, etc.) lots of money selling his predictive investment newsletter and gobs of cash in Vertical

Congratulations, Bob, you apparently have won life's lottery.