You seem anxious to set up a company.  How about setting up a company which sells kits of Cold Fusion

The first kit would be a bag of finely ground charcoal, a bottle with a hole in it (to prevent explosions)
and graphite pencil leads.  Key would be well written Instructions as how to create plasma in one's
microwave oven.
Your English writing skills would come in handy and you might choose to place small classified ads in the
back of Popular Science or Popular Electronics.

The second kit would be a "Smores kit" and consist of the items described on donbot: and the
next two pages.  This kit would allow an experimenter to test out the concept of my patent and show that
it is valid.  It could contain a petition from the experimenter to the Patent Office explaining how the device
actually does work as described and that the patent should be issued because it is not a "perpetual
motion" machine at all.

The kit could consist of two Smores only one of which has the sintered nickel against a tungsten or lead

The procedure would be that both Smores would be baked in the oven to a certain temperature for a
certain time and then the cookie sheet that they are on would be removed an placed on top of the
oven.  Two dial thermometers would be placed in specified holes in the Smores and the temperatures of
the two devices would be recorded every minute or two for maybe an hour or so.  The experimenter
would notice that one device took longer to cool than the other device.

A third kit would come with heater elements, a battery to "start the reaction" and Peltier devices to
"harvest" the energy from the device and recharge the battery.  A discussion would be included as to
the practicality of the device and how it might be incorporated into other systems to great advantage.

Kit 1 might be $50,
Kit 2 might be $150-$300
Kit 3 might be $1000-$2000

It could evolve into a home based business.  You could set up your limited partnerships in order to
protect yourself from lawsuits.

What do you think?