May day, 2012

What is the probability that the Inteligentry engine will be in production in September?
They will be giving a course to licensees in May.  This is May now.
At one point in time, you were sufficiently convinced that some form of Cold Fusion power would be
breaking in the next two years that you stated that 5% to 7% of one's portfolio should be invested in this
particular Black Swan event.

If your mind works anything like mine, the percentage you are willing to commit personally will vary wildly
each day as you are exposed to different evidence regarding potential Black Swans within conceptual

Were I to be granted a license for $5,000 and go to Iowa to attend their classes in how to build these
engines, my loss would be limited to $5,000.00 and the time spent living with Janine and her family for a
week or so.  She would love to have me out there, I am sure, and I love to visit as well.

How would it change your view of investing were you to attend such a set of classes as my "chief
technician" or some such thing?  Barry's son is about 20 and may also be interested in coming.

If what you learned was not convincing then you would likely back off of any anti-fossil fuel put
If what you learned was convincing, then I would enjoy hearing you say, "Holy Shit, I must sell my GTLS
immediately and purchase Puts instead!"

If attending these May training classes doesn't involve you personally, you may want to receive progress
emails from me as I attend the classes.  
I would either tell you "It is a crock" or "Holy Shit, sell your GTLS and buy Puts instead."

Your thoughts mister project manager?


From RAR June 27, 2012:
I awoke at 4:30AM and sketched out two Kiviat diagrams.
For the beneficial code came four line segments; they are labelled
Countries ... at five, heavy energy users, US, China, Japan
Organizations ... at five for placement, the UN
Individuals ... at one, 'preppers'
Business, at five, desalinization clusters, data centers/farms; at three were farms as megabusinesses;
New ones would include harsh environment communities, such as in northern Canada,
Europe, and Russia, plus the research communities in Antarctica, Greenland, etc.
For the opposition or regulatory code I thought of four line segments; they are labelled
Regulatory, US Energy dept dependent upon big science, utilities, green science; the NRC,
Business, at five oil and solar; at four gas and wind
Countries; at five, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico (until they import oil), etc.
Independent regulators; at three UL and CSA
Unstated would be the US Patent Office or the newly authorized economic control provisions
to reduce the visibility of new valuable inventions into the marketplace, so control may be

My reaction: They cannot stop us because the other countries will get ahead of the US if they do.