February 11, 2012
Dear Bob...

I thought that I might have to clean up the ones and zeros he defecated all over the floor.  Thank god
they float up to the cloud via the Ethernet.  

As to the second book that decried Cold Fusion, I was certain that Carl Sagan's book, The
Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark would be the anti Cold Fusion book.  As it was,
it must have been another book that I read that decried Cold Fusion.  Wonders of Wonders, Carl Sagan
wasn't one of the Scientists that went for the politically correct and scientifically wrong opinion on Cold
Fusion.  Maybe the book that I read will come back to my memory.  It might be at the other home (HW).  

As I fan through the Sagan book, it reminds me that I must write up another problem that our culture
seems to have.  They reject all UFO sightings out of hand whilst celebrating the fact that they have
identified even more planets in the sky which might contain life forms.  So...which is it?  Do you believe
that there is life out there or not?  Apparently it is okay for there to be life out there but not for that life to
have visited us.  Proper "life out there" must behave.  They must keep sitting "out there" and they must
wait for us to "discover them".  Talk about human ego....to the extreme.