February 7, 2012
Dear Bob...
Andrea Rossi demonstrated one of his new Cold Fusion units in September, 2011.  He added 3 grams
of H2 and then heated the unit for 90 minutes at 2.6 kWatts of heat from a wall socket.  It then ran in
self-sustaining mode for 35 minutes.  Had the experiment gone on longer, he would have had to add 2.6
kW for 10 minutes for each 30 minutes of operation.  This doesn't sound all that exciting.  In this larger
unit, he aims for a temperature of 129.1 degrees Centigrade where in the last unit the goal was 120
degC if I remember correctly.  It is not clear, but I think that he is controlling the flow of water in order to
maintain this temperature.

Will a process that requires being heated for 10 minutes every half hour be something that meets the
specifications which would interest me for my water heater and home heat?  Not really.  Is it clear that
the hot water and steam energy coming out during the self-sustaining mode were more than what was
pumped in during the start-up phase?  It wasn't to me.

In reading the book, Tales from the Underground, I learned that microbes can live 2 miles deep in a
South African Gold mine where "clean" tools were used to extract mineral materials which had not been
exposed to humans or the surface of the earth for 3 millions of years (at the very least).  Scientists at
the University of Indiana discovered that some microbes had evolved to live in those extreme conditions
by obtaining energy from the radioactive decay of Uranium.  It seems that the decay of Uranium will
ionize Hydrogen which will then combine with Sulfur and produce energy in a form that Firmicutes
(single-celled animals) can use.  Other organisms eat the Firmicutes for food. It is similar to green plants
utilizing the radiation from the sun to produce our salads and trees.

A fellow named Kervran has shown that Biological mechanisms can cause the transmutation of
elements.  His studies have been verified by scientists from Ukraine and Japan.  In reading about Cold
Fusion, there is much talk about the difficulty in reproducing an experiment due to the precise
configuration of matter which is apparently needed.  Many researchers refer to this as the
Nuclear-Active Environment or NAE.  Given that biological organisms evolved to utilize sunlight
(Chlorophyll) capture Oxygen (Hemoglobin) and live off of radioactive decay (Firmicules) is it also
possible that biological organisms have evolved to provide a Nuclear-Active Environment in which Cold
Fusion may occur?  Humans have only a limited view of what is happening at the atomic level.  In a
manner of thinking, the microbes ironically have a somewhat "better view" or at least they can
experiment by the trillions while evolving a mechanism by using that famous blind scientist called
"evolution."  It took 40 years to convince Veterinarians that ulcers were caused by bacteria and another
50 years to convince human physicians.  Given that it took 90 years to convince Physicians Ulcers were
caused by bacteria, how long do you think it will it take to convince conventional scientists that microbes
can provide a Nuclear-Active Environment that can facilitate the transmutation of elements?  Does this
mean that human scientists are simply too slow to catch on to new paradigms and we need to switch to
IBM Watson based scientists?

The more I read non-fiction, the more I find that there are more mysterious occurrences to be