Inflation/Deflation Debate with Bob

It is in Canada so that we can dodge the authorities, naturally.

Present fact holds that China wants to occupy Taiwan. Future may bring fact that in 2015, China gives
notice that it will take over in 2020.
Taiwan businesses move to Vancouver BC, 2016-2018. (Some are already moving, which has driven up
the price of homes in Vancouver.)
By 2020, the Taiwan based robot manufacturers manage to produce all of the items formerly produced
by 500,000,000 Chinese workers.
This causes the greatest deflation that the world has ever seen.
It also ends China's hope to dominate the world economy. Such hope was held back in the "old days"
where economics was considered a "social science" and social necessarily meant people which was
before it was pointed out that humans are merely organic robots.

Taiwan-Vancover starts to produce airplanes with robotic labor. These planes are flown more reliably by
robotic pilots. "Eyes" are on the wing-tips giving such planes much greater depth of 3D vision. Eyes also
see backwards. No more having the plane's tail be loose without the human pilot being able to see it.

Deflation means that everything becomes inexpensive to manufacture. Social Security is corrected for
"inflation" by decreasing it 5% per year. Why? Because the cost of living is going down.

Problem is that there are not manufacturing jobs for people. So what?  The New Economics states that
people don't need jobs--jobs don't need people either. Jobs simply are those things which need to be
done. If robots do them, then what is the big problem.

If you really had Asperger's Syndrome, you would be less focused on people and human society all of
the time. People, people people!!!  Wake up to the facts.
1. The sun doesn't go around the earth and putting people in confinement for saying so doesn't further
the cause of People People People.
2. Even the sun is not the center of our galaxy, a black hole is the center of our galaxy, for goodness
3. Even our galaxy is not the center of 'our' universe.
4. Grow up, people are not the center of anything. People are merely a rung on the ladder of evolution.


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Q.: What are some associated discussions with this topic?
Q.: Why is the location conducted in Canada?
A1: The Agora Financial annual investors' conference is conducted
in Vancouver, BC in July. One reason would be the beauty of the
location. A more important one is that initial conferences had to
undergo onerous SEC reporting requirements for US domestic
locations of 'financial conferences!' Thus, with no equivalent requirement
for Canadian gatherings the costs to coordinate the conference lessened.
Q.: Who is saying that the US will never undergo a condition of
Q.: With what background may such assertions occur?
Q.: With what maturity does such a commentator assure a future
Q.: H'mm. Did this commentator predict the US and global credit crises?
... and publish such a prediction on a timely basis?
I was shocked to learn circa 2009 that the US Fed had intervened in
public markets to acquire US Treasury bonds. Greenspan had built up
a $600B amount by 2005! Rumors now of such an inventory exceed $2T.
Q.: To what extent are these actions a contamination of the economic
condition or experience called 'the price discovery process?'
e.g., to my knowledge, the matching of buyer and seller interests in a
completed transaction.
P.S. A local friend called Jim Hall is a former colleague of a firm when
I first obtained employment in Michigan. He has been a business owner
of HVAC and plumbing services, etc. so he has wide experience with
non-computer developments.
Several days ago he related this recent experience: he received a
polling telephone call about how to solve the US political and financial
crisis. ==> "We've got to get Obama out of there."
A: "Your call is too late by 10 years. The US is doomed because it
needs to accelerate the economy to increase tax revenues to pay off
its debts. However, it is unable to shrug off the current recipients of
payments and unable to get the economy going to even stop its annual
growth. If things slow down the interest payments will get higher and
will be less able to be covered later."
(Note: I've paraphrased what I remembered his thought process to be.
He related that the caller was silent for a long time, then hung up
without pursuing more conversation.)
Q.: Will a trigger for future hyperinflation be when the wholesale bond
funds serving the US Treasury bond market close up?
==> They wouldn't wish to hold inventory of such assets even overnight!
Q.: In what period or year do you expect US Treasury bond
30-year interest rates to get back to 12% as it did in 1981?
Q.: What about a 20% 30-year rate?
Q.: What would be the rates for gold per ounce in such periods?
Note: High interest rates mean that holders must finance or avoid other
investments that return high rates. However, the apprehension may then
be that the value of the financial asset will go lower as rates increase
in such a condition!
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Subject: Prototype of our new letter

Here is a prototype of our "Be Scared of Inflation" It is not meant to simply cause panic, but HyperPanic.

Why April 29, 2012, Will Be the Most Important Date of Your Life
As they often do, the media has been downplaying the looming economic spiral. They say hyperinflation
could never happen to this country, as if America is immune to crisis. Look, I take great pride in our
nation too and I don't want to see anything happen, but that isn't realistic. Although we won't experience
anything like Zimbabwe's inflation rate -- which once hit 79,600,000,000% per month -- we will be hurting.
The idea that the Federal Reserve will protect us is nothing but a media-made myth. Actually, legendary
investor Jim Rogers calls the Federal Reserve the biggest economic threat in the upcoming year. It is
what we are calling the 2012 ISG Natural Resource Summit and it will ruin any retirement dreams you
The truth is, in a "free market" situation, interest rates on U.S. Treasuries would rise to reflect the rapidly
declining economic situation in this nation, and they should have shot through the roof by now. But they
haven't. Why?
The Federal Reserve is stepping in and buying up all the excess bonds that need to be purchased.
Much higher interest rates on U.S. government debt would cause interest rates on everything else
throughout the economy to skyrocket. Inflation would eat away at what little bit of money you managed to
Listen, the proof is in the numbers no one wants to look at. In the 98 years of the Fed's existence, the
U.S. dollar has lost 95% of its value.
The destruction of the dollar is already happening. Inflation rates are artificially low... for now... but that
will change, and unless you do something now to protect yourself, everything you have saved will be
From April 29 to May 2, 2012, at the luxurious York Hotel in Toronto, Canada, our panel of money
experts, including Robert Russell and Don Martin, will show you exactly how to weight your assets for
maximum gains in 2012.