The Robots are Taking Over and Will "Help" Bob

Forced pocket advisor:
Bob doesn't realize it but eventually any power he has to run his own affairs will be taken away for
his own good. Take, for example, the simple fact that any conversations which are "seen" by the
Google Robot on gmails are being "read" by the "artificial intelligence" present in their robots. It is
therefore only a matter of time before the Google Robot will know who is smart and who is stupid,
who is naughty and who is nice.

So, when Bob mixes up ZYNG and GRPN and wants to buy straddles when he should be selling
them, the robot will eventually take note and report him as being stupid to the government. If
Liberals like Obama get their way, Bob will be relieved of control over his investments and they
money will be placed in the Social Security Trust Fund where it will be kept "safe" for him.

Google gmail reads your mail and places ads above and below it based on the contents
of you email.

Drinking and driving means you have to have a breath test to start your car:

CHICAGO - Motorists convicted of driving drunk will have to install breath-monitoring gadgets in
their cars under new laws taking effect in six states this week.