Bob's Thoughts about cheating

2011 August 23

Bob thinks that it is cheating for me to use the educational version of Freecell software program that is
able to tell me whether the current position of cards can be solved or is a dead end. Myself, I find it very
educational and informative for the program to encourage me to press on in those instances where my
natural instinct would have said that the problem had entered a dead end.

Meanwhile Bob states that his Comcast bill doubled because he didn't notice that when he signed up it
was on the basis of a special deal that gave a low price for the first year of service.

When I opened my mail, I found a similar offer from Comcast in Spanish. My questions to Bob is:
1. Would it be cheating if I scanned my ad into my computer and had it translated?
2. Would it be cheating to turn over the page to the other side where it is reprinted in English?
3. There is fine print at the bottom of the ad stating special conditions of the deal. Should I sue them
for making the print so small that we older people have problems reading such small print?
4. Would it be cheating if I went and got my magnifying glass in order to read the fine print?
5. Would it be cheating if I didn't sign up because when I read the fine print I found that the deal isn't
so good after all?
6. If I Google Xfinity Scam and find the following, am I cheating?

    Scott Pomroy
    05/09/2011 at 1:33 pm
    Usually your packages deals run for one price for a year then go up for the second year. Always
    read the fine print. It’s all in there which then doesn’t make it a scam. That is the reason for
    disclaimers. Comcast doesn’t scam or rip anybody off. People just don’t read the fine print and
    always forget
    when you sign up for the package that price is only for a year. Also you should make sure that you
    sign up for new packages every year or your bill will go up dramatically. Just like cell phone service
    after the 2 year contract resign to a new plan!

Now Scott has given me a new idea for cell phones. Am I cheating if I take his advice and save money on
my cell phones?