Bob Doesn't have a System Restore Point

On June the 26th, 2011, Bob R came visiting Hawthorn Woods at Princeton Lane. Don had been
practicing Free Cell because it was a game at which Bob was much better player than Don. This
was because Don had the bad habit of not looking before he started to leap into the game.

Big surprise for Don, however. Bob had stopped playing the game and had almost forgotten how to
play. As he started to play, he got stuck mainly because he had forgotten that there were free cells
that he could use.

It occurred to Don, "What if Bob was a robot instead of a human?"

What if Bob had simply created a System Restore Point in his brain's operating system much like a
modern computer can do?

    Create a Restore Point for Windows 7 or Vista’s System Restore
    If you are thinking of installing an application but aren’t quite sure what it’s going to do to your
    computer, I would absolutely recommend creating a restore point before you install that
    application, and here are the steps to do so. Note that most application installs, automatically
    create a restore point, but you can do this yourself if you are really worried.

Under those circumstances, Bob could have simply restored his brain back to when Don had played
Free Cell with him and Bob would be as expert as ever.

Too bad that Bob is "only human". Seems like the phrase "only human" will become more common
during the next decade to refer to the inferiority of the human design.