Bob's Thoughts 2008

If Bob lost an arm in an accident, he would appreciate receiving a robotic arm.
No matter how superior this new arm proved to be, he doesn't believe that he would ever ask for his
other arm to be severed so that he could obtain a second artificial arm and hand.

Bob doesn't think that the Indiannapolis 500 automobile race will ever allow a robotic entry.
He does understand that all shifting of cars is now robotic and recognizes that steering is assisted
by robotic elements.  He believes that it will be manditory that a human be present in the driver's
seat even when that human has no functions left to perform.  He thinks that airplanes will always
require human pilots located in the cockpit even when the human is no longer controlling the airplane.

The exception to this would be the Drones which are flown from the ground.  Such drones will never
be used to fly commercial airliners.  

If there were an airline which flew with no pilots on-board, Bob would not use that airline.
If there were an airline which used ground located pilots and had experts like Sully Sullenberger as
the backup pilot on every airplane, he would still not be seduced into flying that airline.
If you were to bring up the fact that hijackers could not take control of a drone commercial airplane,
it still would not appeal to him.

2011 update: