Index to RAR

001 Bob's medications
002 Bob's Thoughts
003 More of Bob's Thoughts
004 Bob Doesn't have a System Restore Point, Too Bad.
005 Bob Thinks that it is cheating to use a computer to help you do something
006 Bob Argues that the Jet Stream must be slower than the air below because his "human instincts" tell
him so
007 Bob Trusts Porter Stansberry who states that the Euro will be toast by the end of 2011
008 Does this software do Bob's job of scheduling projects, making do lists and following up with
009 Should Bob Trust his own brain?
010 Calandar Spreads Does Bob Understand them?
011 Robots are taking over. Should they help Bob even if Bob doesn't want help?
012 Groupon Debate with Bob
013 Porter Stansberry Debate with Bob
014 Center of Universe is not People
015 Lazy people concerned with carrying guns may have bank account siezed
016 Stock Option Trading
017 Precious Metals vs LENR
018 When Will Robot be Ready?
019 When Will Cold Fusion Be Ready?
020 How to have an edge when playing the market
021 Conversations about Life out there
022 Cold Fusion Engine conversation
023 Technology is Deflationary
024 IBM Technology is Exceptional
025 The Nature of Cheating Discussed
026 vonMises, Social Security and Future Discussed
027 Bob could set up Cold Fusion Kits
028 Bob could sell newsletter, short XOM and promote Vertical Farming
029 Bob trading options
030 Dealing with John Rohner
031 Dealing with the US Debt 'crisis'
032 Moving PUT option offer
033 Blonde Pilot
034 Robots taking over and you cannot see it.
035 John Podmajersky Slovak Real Estate Magnate
036 Ease Luddites in Gradually
037 Edelson is a Fraud
038 Industrial Heat will Go the Way of Tesla Motors
039 Negative Interest Rates and Robots
040 LENR Lawsuits and Progress 2016-06-21
041 Humans Robots
042 Visit Do List Humans Robots
043 Robots are Coming, learn their language or die 2016-07-25
044 Robots Are Coming, Compare Cultures 2016-08-01
045 Moral Decision Roman and Jeanne 2016-08-01
046 Robots Coming 2016-08-20
047 Robots are Coming 2016-08-29
048 Robots Coming 2016-10-07
049 Electric Cars are Coming 2016-10-24