Not sent 2015-12-08 to Alan K

There are two basic approaches to LENR development.  Large units which generate hundreds of kiloWatts
and small units one can place in a car or their basement.

I am working on a version of LENR which can be put into service by buying a kit and assembling it in one's
basement.  I intend to make one to recharge the battery in my Tesla.

Four large 250 kW generators are being tested for 350 days.  Testing will be complete on these first four
units in February, 2016.  I am not sure of their plans, but knowing how careful one must be when it comes
to the politically incorrect and suppressed technology called Cold Fusion, I suspect that they will proceed
cautiously.  It was first looked at and suppressed in 1925 and again more famously in 1989.  Since the
politicians and "politically correct" scientists have kept the Pons and Fleischman resurrection of Cold
Fusion suppressed for 26 years, there will obviously be efforts to keep it suppressed another 90 years or
more.  The mainstream industrialists and politicians don't want a technology which makes Fission, Hot
Fusion, Oil burning, Natural Gas burning and Coal burning obsolete.  They far prefer fiddling around with
items such as ITER which is soaking up $38 billion and will never work or the Inertial Confinement example
presented in the video you pointed me to.  Inertial Confinement is a waste of time...because it will never be
stabilized and made to work.  Money to work on it is granted by congress simply because it won't work and
therefore is not a threat to the petroleum, wind and solar industries.  These expensive approaches to
energy, like growing corn for ethanol, have political backing because they help some politicians
constituency, such as farmers in the case of ethanol from corn.  Inexpensive LENR has no political
constituency pressing for it other than a few radical libertarians and independent scientists who don't care
whose feet they step on.  There is no LENR Lobby group.  For many years the USPTO refused to patent
any LENR devices.  They claimed that they must be Perpetual Motion Machines because the Professors at
Cal Tech and MIT who make money working on Hot Fusion multi-billion dollar projects don't want LENR to
succeed because they don't see a way to make money off of it.  To be willing to promote LENR, one must
be selfless and idealistic and simply want the poor people in the world to be able to afford inexpensive
energy rather than feed billions to ExxonMobil, Solyndra, windmill farms, tar sands, pipelines, compressed
LNG (liquified natural gas), gasoline stations, internal combustion engines, mechanical transmissions, oil
changes, mufflers, muffler pipes, platinum and palladium for catalytic converters, platinum for fuel cells, etc.

I suspect that they will install 40 additional generators and break apart the first generator of the four units
now running so that it may be examined for any weaknesses or radioactivity.
I expect UL approval to come within a year after that.  They now have a backlog of $3 billion in orders and I
expect that backlog to grow to $300 billion by 2020.

All other forms of energy, like the ones mentioned will be affected by the entrance of LENR to the market.