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For the prevention of Macular degeneration and cancer:
Longevinex is a pill containing Reservatrol
Coast to Coast AM October 21, 2012
Plus Bob Russell's doctor has him drinking red wine.

Opthalmologists cannot make any money on by having patients take Reservatrol so they
usually go for the big Pharma Meds which they can charge for and charge to inject into the eye.

Review from Amazon: "Before hearing about resveratrol, I had read that it originally came from
red wine and thought that if I just drank red wine more often (which I love), I would be able to
see the benefits of resveratrol. Unfortunately this idea didn't last too long and I soon found out
that one would have to drink 10 bottles of red wine every day to get the amount of resveratrol
in just these capsules. I also read somewhere that in regular wine there's actually not that
much resveratrol in it and you would have to find wine that had been made from naturally
grown, organic grapes to actually see all of the benefits of taking resveratrol as a supplement..."

Coast to Coast October 21, 2012:
Joining George Knapp, consumer advocate and natural health expert, Bill Sardi, discussed
the truth behind natural remedies, the bias within the medical establishment against
natural products, and how studies are rigged and promising cures buried.  Regarding heart
disease, he cited the work of Dr. Lester Morrison, who provided evidence that it could be
reversed using the supplement chondroitin sulfate, years before statin drugs flooded the
market.  Statin drugs do not prevent mortal heart attacks, Sardi noted.  He stated that the
antioxidant resveratrol has shown promise fighting heart disease, but the mainstream
medical community has shunned studying its value for this kind of issue.

Sardi further claimed that research into resveratrol has found it has beneficial properties
as an antidepressant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory,
anti-cancer, and as a blood thinner.  The supplement has additionally been shown to
successfully fight macular degeneration, a medical condition in which older adults may
lose their vision, he said.  Sardi also cited Vitamin D and Fish Oil as products that treat a
host of ailments, as well as a new kind of potential treatment for alcoholism and addiction,
targeting the Gaba A receptor, to be made by the company Blue California.

Studies of various health supplements and herbs are often slanted or misleading, Sardi
reported.  For instance, researchers sometimes will use an ineffective dose, or a dose that
is toxic at higher levels.  People like to think that more is better when it comes to natural
supplements and vitamins, but such products have an optimal dosage that requires
balance, he continued.  One reason doctors may not be motivated to suggest natural
treatments to their patients is that they have a financial incentive-- they receive a "drug
consultation fee," for every prescription they write out, Sardi revealed.  On the flip side,
consumers should be especially cautious purchasing supplements over the Internet, as
the FDA doesn't regulate the products of overseas and offshore companies, he noted.

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