Raw Milk, Cage Free Hens

Golden Guernsey of Illinois, Glen Ellyn IL
Phone: Cell: (608) 449-5491 Home: (630) 790-0061
Richard and Kelly Boge and family.
kellyboge@gmail.com . Web: iloverawmilk.com.
Raw Guernsey milk, yogurt, paneer (farmer's) cheese, and pastured organic eggs. No hormones,
antibiotics or GMOs. Grass fed spring through fall, then given Organic hay in the winter
months. Cows get about 8% of their diet as GMO free Organic grain (fed only at milking time).
Chickens are free range, fed organic feed with no soy. Portable chicken coop that moves
around the pasture at the Barrington location. Bring your own container for milk. Open 7
days/week, 9am-9pm. Call or email with any questions or pricing information. They have
expanded to Barrington and Dekalb/Malta area; see additional listings.

Chicagoland/Barrington Area:
Barrington Natural Farms, McConville Family
7 Crawling Stone Road
Barrington Hills, IL 60010
Phone: (847) 387-3568     
They offer raw Guernsey milk, 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken, and
free-range eggs. The Guernsey cows are on pasture every day, all day, with their pasture diet
supplemented with hay and a certified-organic grain mix fed only at milking time. Chickens
are raised on rotated pasture forages supplemented with soy-free organic grain mix. Angus
beef are fed 100% grass and hay, no grains ever. Call or email with any questions, go to the
website for pricing and ordering information.

Chicagoland/Wheaton/Naperville: MooGrass Farms, Inc. is a private farm club that provides
fresh, local, farm-sourced raw dairy products (cow, goat, sheep). Their dairy cows are 100%
grain free. They offer 100% grass-fed and finished pastured beef, pork, and lamb; pastured
chicken; pastured eggs; raw butter, cream, yogurt, and cheese; seasonal produce; and more.
All products are free of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides.
moograssfarms.com for more information.
Phone 1-888-COW-5789      , fax 1-888-269-5789, email: