Email to family on Sept 21, 2017

Some people want to travel to places and those places are on their "bucket list".

My bucket list includes the following items not necessarily in order of importance.

Salt Water Aquarium with real coral and real salt water fish.  It should have professional care from a
qualified technician.  Right here is Mundelein is ShoTank Aquariums and  I
have absolutely no idea why someone would auction off coral reefs but they seem to know what it takes
to breed them and keep them alive.  I want a tank in my new living room for me and my family to gaze at
and relax from all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Real Grand Piano which can play itself.  The full grands are very expensive so I might settle for
something called a "Baby grand".  A lot of research into these pianos is needed.

Sand Hill Crane Pond, where Great Blue Herons and Snowy Egrets are welcome to visit as well

A yard big enough for grandchildren to run without fear of automobile traffic rushing by.

A yard big enough for snowmobiles as well.

A yard with an organic vegetable garden.

Maybe a hot house as well...may substitute an indoor hydroponic garden.

A room that can contain my 3D printers, Carvey robot, CO2 laser Engraver, and such.

An energy source that allows me to go "off the grid".

Storage shed for toys.

I want to remain aware of the craziness of the world without necessarily participating in it.

Okay, maybe I can spend a week practicing my French in Paris every so often.

More later.