Christmas List for don

1. Unmanned Little Bird Helicopter:

2. Baxter Robot from Rodney Brooks' Rethink Robotics

"This is a harbinger of things to come," said David Bourne, a robotics professor at Carnegie Mellon
University in Pittsburgh, who called the price surprisingly low. He described it as a "work in progress" and
said most manufacturers would want faster and stronger robots.

I agree and you can wait until about 2015 to buy me this gift.

3. An ultra-low cost scanner that can be plugged into any computer to show images of an unborn baby
has been developed by Newcastle University engineers.

The handheld USB device — roughly the size of a computer mouse — works like existing ultrasound
scanners, using pulses of high frequency sound to build up a picture of the unborn child on the
computer screen.

However, unlike the technology used in most hospitals across the UK costing anywhere from £20,000-
£100,000, the scanner created by Jeff Neasham and Research Associate Dave Graham at Newcastle
University can be manufactured for as little as £30-40.

3. Rhode and Schwartz GNSS Simulator for the SMBV100A Vector Signal Generator