Book: Beyond AI
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September 2007

Reading J. Storrs Hall, Beyond AI : Creating the Conscience of the Machine
Page 103 Boaz v. Margaret Mead
Page 183 Brain Evolves
Page 187 Hayek Century 2000 New Yorker Retrospective  John Cassidy, “The Price
Prophet,” 45."Over the years," Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman remarked, ?I have again
and again asked fellow believers in a free society how they managed to escape the
contagion of their collectivist intellectual environment.  No name has been mentioned
more often as the source of enlightenment and understanding than Friedrich Hayek's...
I, like the others, owe him a great debt...his powerful mind...his lucid and always
principled exposition have helped to broaden and deepen my understanding of the
meaning and the requisites of a free society."