Coast to Coast June 19, 2012
Medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer discussed the many ways our culture and
lifestyle are making us sick. People are raised to be ignorant about how the body works
because our society wants us to seek out "experts" when we have a problem, and become
consumers of their expertise, he declared. The "entire culture is here to make money from
illness," and medical problems are perpetuated because they are connected to
multi-billion dollar industries that thrive off them, he continued.

He shared evidence that bras are a primary risk factor for developing breast cancer, but
women are conditioned to wear the garments in order to fit into society. Bras constrict the
breasts, and press against the lymphatic tissues, "so you end up getting a back up of
lymph fluid that causes cysts," he explained. A study in Fiji showed that women who
didn't wear bras had the same breast rate cancer as men, he added.

The common surgery to remove tonsils is problematic, as the organ stores bacteria that
aids in digestion, and this may be one reason why we have an obesity epidemic, he
suggested. Additionally, certain pesticides used on crops are associated with weight gain,
he noted. Singer also linked health problems like migraines to people sleeping in a flat
position-- in many cases this can be alleviated by elevating the head during sleep, he
advised. He further associated the wearing of tight shoes with foot cancer. In general,
Singer recommended that when you discover you have a problem, the first thing you
should do, is ask yourself 'what am I doing wrong?', and often you can identify the cause