In 1600 Giodorno Bruno was burned at the stake for saying that the stars of the
night sky were surrounded by planets which themselves had life like here on Earth.

The same ignorance which consigned Bruno to the flames also was present in many
modern opinions regarding the search for Earth like planets and extra terrestrial life.

And thanks to their efforts we now possess a list of 300 and counting extra
terrestrial planets ranging from big Earth sizes to big Jupiter sizes.

In fact now science can say for sure that other Earths are perhaps as common
anywhere from 1 in ten stars to 1 in a thousand. The details of course are the
provence of continued research which this book says will yield meaningful
conclusions by as early as summer of this year.

Whatever the findings the results will be significant. Conventional thinking
suggests that planets like Earth would exhibit conditions friendly to the
development of life and perhaps with it, life capable of developing technology.

If life is common but rare (closer to one planet among a thousand stars) then it also
follows that the likely galactic distances between us and our nearest neighbors
would be effectively insurmountable by any type of technology we possess or can
expect to possess in the near future.

But still, just the knowledge that "they" are out there is inherently exciting, not the
least of which because that the reciprocal would be implied and finally someone off
of Earth would be aware of our presence.