Audio of Coast to Coast

Mind Power & Ghost Hunting
Date: 01-26-10
Host: George Noory
Guests: Richard Bandler

In the first hour, co-creator of the influential technique known as NLP-- Neuro
Linguistic Programming, Richard Bandler discussed the powerful forces of the
mind, and how to harness and direct that power to overcome fears or make mental
changes. NLP techniques make use of the connection between neurological
processes, language, and behaviors, and nowadays many psychotherapists routinely
employ some of these methods, he reported.

Bandler talked about some of the techniques in his book, Get the Life You Want,
such as getting over bad memories that can trouble a person on a daily basis. He
discovered that people such as Holocaust victims were able to overcome such
memories because they made a series of shifts in their minds. "Instead of those
[negative] pictures being lifesize...suddenly in their minds they shrunk it down to a
little two or three inch circle." When we do things like this it interferes with the
habitual neurological behavior, and teaches people to change it, he explained. He
also spoke about his work with hypnosis, and how people in deep trance are able to
more readily adjust their mental chemistry.

First hour only of January 26, 2010