Audio of Coast to Coast
Earth Changes & Space Revelations
Date: 02-02-10
Host: George Noory
Guests: Mitch Battros

During the first half of the show, researcher Mitch Battros discussed the current
state of Earth & space changes. New scientific discoveries are "verifying what our
ancestors told us millennia ago," he noted. For instance, the Hubble just found a
whole new area of massive stars in our galactic core, amid reports that shifts are
going on in the Milky Way, he said, connecting this data to Mayan prophecy
relating to the galactic center.

Battros talked about Solar Cycle 24, and the dangers of X-class flares which could
bring down power grids, as well as cause cracks in the magnetic field that allow
damaging charged particles to filter through. He also offered analysis of recent
quake swarms at Yellowstone, and suggested a possible connection between
earthquake activity and volcanoes. We're in a period of escalating earth changes, yet
these changes are helping people return to a sense of community, he commented.