Space-Time & Cosmology
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Date: 02-03-10
Host: George Noory
Guests: Nassim Haramein

Researcher of hyperspace, physics, and anthropology, Nassim Haramein spoke about
recent phenomena in terms of the geometry of space-time, and the structure of the
universe. On the topic of UFOs recently seen around the sun in NASA photos, he
noted that "there is activity around the sun that can't easily be explained by
conventional means," yet it's difficult to make distinctions between camera artifacts
and anomalous objects. Regarding the Norway Spiral, he suggested it was likely
caused by the application of HAARP-like technology, based on various evidence &
effects observed in the area.

According to Haramein, a deeper fractal reality is occurring in which atoms are like
little black holes, if you scale the size of the universe down to its smallest
components. The universe is learning about itself-- "the information that it gathers,
coalesces and synergizes to produce the next set of questions," in a kind of "self
organizing feedback structure," he explained.

Everything in the universe is spinning-- including our very atoms, said Haramein,
who connected this phenomenon with the source of life. We can think of space-time
as a spinning fluid and when it makes little currents we see it as an atom or a
particle, he continued. When you take the time to connect via meditation, prayer,
and other modalities to the fundamental source of creation, you start to become
"what I call a vacuum engineer" where you can manipulate energy in various
beneficial, non-linear ways, he detailed.