Anthropogenic Global Warming Solution from 2013
fellow's advice back in 2013:

Allan Savory is an ecologist that has determined that, contrary to popular opinion, it is too few animals that are
the cause of desertification and hence global warming.

May 2014:
He says that "this is not taught in any university in the world".

at about 8 minutes:
The only one option left to climatologists and scientists and
that is to do the unthinkable and to use livestock bunched and moving as a proxy
for former herds and predators and mimic nature savory corset holistic management
and planned grazing and it works like this cattle sheep and goats are massed
into large herds and because they dung and urinate over their own food source
the animals have to keep moving which prevents over grazing more importantly
however the impact of their hooves breaks up hard ground allowing air and water to penetrate the soil the
trampling of old grass provides cover from the drying effects of the Sun and the wind and the animals dung and
urine enriched the soil because the cattle are the main tool using their hooves etc to grow the grass
they graze everywhere on the ranch so as you look up on these rocky hills you'll
see all of that is fresh grass of the season and that's because the cattle are grazed right over the hills and
everywhere there's no area where we don't use the cattle at some time in the earth but savory emphasizes
without a carefully structured grazing program holistic management simply will not work
the whole secret of the success here isn't just using the animals as a tool
people think that all you have to do is to bunch the animals and move them but
people have done that for thousands of years and created the deserts that
doesn't work the secret to this is a planning process whereby we divide the
land up into divisions then the people doing the planning follow a set of steps
where they focus on one at a time and they bring the information onto a chart
and we put it on a chart and they plot the months that they're planning across
the top of the chart we put the paddocks down here then in another step they put
the ratings and they fill in all the wildlife carving periods other factors
that have to be borne in mind on the land and when the chart is all prepared
finally they plot the movements of the animals and it's plotted where they'll
go here is the main management herd for of cattle about 500 plus there are sheep
and goats as well and they're grazing in this block of land following the plan
and right now the herders are moving them down towards water and they'll
drink it this midday period lie up for a couple of hours and then the herders will move
them out again and continue the grazing in this block that that's planned to be
grazed at the moment okay I love this because the cattle herd has done
everything we want they flattened grass-blade litter scalloped the soil so
that the water carbon everything is getting into the soil now this will
rebound immediately we've used nothing but solar energy and we can do this day
after day after day on different parts of the land creating the wildlife
habitat we need and healing the land the herd will have covered a lot of ground
by nightfall which begs the obvious question where will it spend the night
driving 500 cattle sheep and goats to Furman and crawls sited at distant
points around the 3,000 hectare ranch every evening is not a viable option and
defeats the basic principle of planned grazing savory solution is to have the
herders drive the animals into temporary enclosures called predator friendly
crawls developed on dim bangkapi they are made from plastic sheeting which
forms a protective fence that lions and hyenas were not challenged these crawls
move with the herd while the primary purpose of the call is to provide secure overnight shelter for
the herd concentrating a large number of food animals in such a confined space
for a week provides a graphic demonstration of the impact on open
grassland and there's another bonus when the herd moves on this site becomes far
more productive than surrounding land 500 cattle in here for a week this is
the overnight crawl and you can see that that's heavily domed and trampled and
this is where the chicken coop was there's a mobile chicken coop that moves
with the cattle when the scroll moves and from that you can see what the soil
was like before we put that in and that will come through - very good grass
whereas this will remain bad the higher the impact from the cattle the more the
dung in the trampling the more grass tends to grow as long as you don't
repeat it too long as long as it's a short time visitors to dim pangong be
come away convinced that here is a simple and economically viable means of
improving the livelihoods of rural communities throughout Africa
particularly those reliant on food aid

Note that as of 2018 July 14th, Allan Savory's Twitter feed has fewer than 9,100 followers:

His institute is located in Boulder Colorado.
His wife's home is in New Mexico.  She grew up hunting and fishing and loves the outdoors.

He gets most of his funding from hunters, not from "ecologists" who have been taught fake science.

Savory Institute
1500 28th St.
Boulder, CO 80303


Mic the Vegan's claim that Allan is wrong:
Geoff Lawton
Permaculture Research Institute
Video shows Amman Jordan.  People live on only 3% of the land because most of it is desert.
They breathe in Mosquito spray as well as dust from the desert and smoke from burning plastic.

Geoff Lawton: Surviving Collapse, Designing your Way to Abundance
Want a permaculture design?  Go to for a design or to go through the school and learn how to become a permaculture designer
yourself.  After a few years, you'll be able to create an amazing design yourself.  In this video, the same
permaculture teacher who trained Jeff Sokol (owner of EarthCraft), Geoff Lawton, exhibits how permaculture
works in his farm in Australia, and how you can introduce it into your life with a good designer.

Counter Arguments:
Response To Mic The Vegan Allan Savory Lies
Mic The Vegan got everything wrong in his video called "Allan Savory's 5 Big Lies". I'm here to set the record
straight. Holistic Management is one of the most amazing developments in recent times, and misinformation like
Mic's video is a disservice to us all.

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