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The Weather Conspiracies are a series of government conspiracies that were meant to make the weather better in
spite of an international treaty in which Americans and others agreed to not manipulate the weather since what
makes it better for one country might just make it worse for another country.

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In 1976, the US signed an agreement not to engage in weather modification.
In about 1990, the US set up large antennae in Alaska and other places which can broadcast billions of watts into
the atmosphere.  In addition, there are chemtrails which contain aluminimum and barium compounds which can be
energized with radio waves from HAARP.

It is important to keep these experiments secret because they could be objected to by other countries and also by
American citizens who live in areas where the weather is negatively impacted.  Citizens who benefit may not be
motivated to complain but there are almost certainly those who will be negatively impacted.

For example, experiments with HAARP which modified weather in 2011-2015 caused a drought in California and
much snow to fall in the New England area.  This may have successfully caused the reflection of a great deal of
sunlight by the snow, but it also caused economic impact on commuities whose budget to plow snow and spread salt
were overloaded.
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