Sulfites in Wine can be filtered out

This is a great product for headache prone wine drinkers. Even some nice wines have way too many sulfites, so this
was really helpful for my husband and I. That being said, you use 1 filter per every bottle of wine. This can get pricey
and no matter who you buy extra filters from, it's always over $30 for a 10 pack. There is an issue with the "sand" in
the filters as well. It can create a residue film in your wine after filtering, but that can be avoided by rinsing the filter
with a little water before you pour wine. I only took the perfect rating away for the two reasons listed (expensive and
residue), people should know it's not a perfect product, but it's miles above the 2 day migraines I used to get after
drinking wine.

The Üllo filtering system is used to remove sulphide from wines, and it seems to work, but it seems expensive. I am
allergic to sulpha chemicals and these filters seem to work - no symptoms after sharing about 5 bottles of wine. If you
enjoy wine, but need to get rid of the sulphide, you might want to give these filters a try.

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