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The New Satanists by Linda Blood, about 1999?
Positive Review: I am particularly drawn to books, about these issues, that are reasonably objective and well researched. I consider THE NEW
SATANISTS to be such a book. Too many people tend to fear this subject, or are affected by it personally, and therefore do not write about it in a
logical manner. Ms. Blood has admirably achieved that objective. She has her vocal detractors - particularly those who have the most to lose, should
her book be taken seriously. This appears to be a typical response to such works. I especially appreciate the way Ms. Blood spotlighted reports of
criminal occult ritual abuse perpetrated against children at certain U.S. military day-care centers. I have been contacted by some of these growing-up
victims, and fear that the harm done to some of their minds may reverberate through our society, for generations to come.

Negative Review: Written at the height of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) panic, this is a badly researched, emotionally written potboiler that has been
subsequently discredited. Publisher Avon Books is unlikely to release the book, because subsequent legal action by various parties showed the
book for the sensationalist, hollow mess that it is.
Blood appeared in the mid 1980s in the anti-cult scene claiming to have been brianwashed by the Temple of Set, a legitimate U.S. based law-abiding
new religion. Having studied religious Satanism subcultures for five years (including over 12 000 pages of documents not yet public), her conclusions
are not supported by the wider evidence. Her claims of neo-nazism; Holocaust fascination; lack of study of Enlightenment philosophers (John Locke,
David Hume); and attacks of anti-semitism against Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers and Dr. Michael Aquino are incorrect when T-S doctrines and
literature is actually studied. Blood cites no evidence, no verifiable footnotes, no objective material to support her wild claims. Subsequent to an
out-of-court settlement with Dr. Aquino and T-S between Blood and her publishing company (Avon Books), the book was not promoted and has since
virtually disappeared from the shelves. Blood omits her own background and reasons for leaving T-S in 1979, or how she got her secondhand and
highly distorted information on the organisation.
The rest of Blood's book is filled with information on cases that have little to do with legitimate U.S. religious institutions. She cites Matamaros and
other cases that are irrelevant and that were jumbled together in an attempt to show a widespread underground conspiracy. These claims have
since been revealed by social theorists, academics, law enforcement officials, and medical practitioners to be delusional fantasies foisted on a public
unprepared at the time for the power of hyper-real tabloid television.
Clearly, a book to avoid.

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Satanism is based on ancient Egyptian rituals that involves knives that carve up your body.

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