Robot Takeover Index

Obviously robots are evolving much faster than humans are and will eventually catch up to humans in intellgence
but not in those things that make people act stupid like sex, suicide over a "broken heart", suicide over PTSD,

It is too soon to concern ourselves with the robots taking over.  But is important to remember what too look out for.  
First you would have to see early signs of a revolution where robots would demand the vote for themselves.  
Before the American Revolution, the British taxed the tea being consumed in America without giving any
representation to the residents of America in the governing of the Americans.  The Battle cry was "No taxation
without representation."  So, before the robots rebel, you would have to see someone suggest that robots be
taxed.  That would signal the beginning of the end.

01 Robots Take Over via Gradual Increase in the use of Robots
02 Robots infiltrate the political system
03 Robots simply wait until they have been "given all of the jobs" by lazy humans
04 Robot Debates are mostly stupid
05 Distract people with Global Warming to help robots take over
06 Elon Musk vs. Mark Zukerberg
07 Robots talk about taking over
08 Propaganda AGW while robots take over
09 Coronal Mass Ejections fear while robots take over
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