Policy Questions concerning Taxoplasmosis Infections

We know that humas can become infected by Taxoplasma gondii and that such an infection can cause cysts to form
in the infected person's brain.

Let us say that you discover that you harbor T. gondii parasites.  Would you feel compelled to report such an
infection to authorities?
Let us say that T. gondii has been shown to cause an increase in schitzophrenia and you suspect that your neighbor
has such an infection and you do not.  Do you have the right to demand that he be tested?  

Do you believe that you have 'free will'?  How would your attitude change if you discovered that 30% or more of what
you believe to be your free will was actually significantly modified by T. gondii?

How many human murderers have been sentenced to death and executed when the guilty party was actually the
Taxoplasma gondii in their brain who was guilty?

Let us say that there is a test for 10 parasites found in humans and that alter the human brain.  Would you want to
take the blood test and find out the results?  If you find that you have such parasites, would you want them to be
removed knowing that your personality would be altered to something more normal on the one-hand but less
recognizable as "you" on the other hand?

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