Medical Industry Needs to Promote Lies

The ad for a special Keto diet may have some disadvantages.  For example, if people were to follow their advice and
realize that they have been lied to all of these years, this might cause them to also wonder if they have been lied to
about other things as well.  They might ask a retired doctor like Bill Deagle MD as I did and find out that Statins
increase the chance of Alzheimer's Disease by 240%.  If they stop taking Statins as a result, then this would mean
that the drug industry would see their $30 billion statin industry dry up rapidly.  But then where would they get their
money to do research on real cures?  If they don't have the money, their stocks will also drop thus making a lot of
investors in big pharma unhappy. Also, people would live longer and in health which would hurt the booming business
in "memory care facilities" where they are now warehousing the victims of statins who have come down with
Alzheimer's disease.  This path could also cause doctors to miss payments on their yachts which would cause the
price of yachts to plummet to the point where one could afford a yacht by the money that they saved by stopping the
statins, the Beta Blockers, ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure, levothryoxine (which is a man-made version of
thyroid hormone, antibiotics for treating ear infections when a probiotic would do a better job at a lower price.  Drug
companies would go out of business and hospitals would close.  The government would have to pay Social Security to
many more people who survived the lies that their doctors told them.

Remember, there are reasons why these lies were made up and reasons why we should continue to tell these lies.