How Medication Manufacturers Conspire to for profit rather than our health

Benfotiamine is fat soluble B1

Study of Neuropathy in Feet
Many patients started the study with little or no sensitivity to vibrations in their feet.

Then the doctors separated the patients into two groups and gave them either benfotiamine or a placebo.  Neither the
doctors nor the patients knew which group received the benfotiamine treatment.  Nine weeks later, the doctors
conducted the same vibration test.

Patients who weren't able to feel any vibration just 9 weeks earlier were now able to feel their feet.  They were able to
feel in toes which were numb just weeks before.

Nine months later, benfotiamine treatment continued to increase vibration sensitivity.  There were no side effects.

As we know, the medical and pharma industries tend to emphasize patented medications.

If the problem is with one's diet, conventional doctors won't tell you to change your diet.
When my doctor told me that I had diabetes, he was cautious lest he be found out for not having me shoot insulin like
he was "supposed to".  That would be more profitable for the medical industry.

One problem that diabetics have is peripheral neuropathy.  Tingling or numbness in the feet are the typical
symptoms.  Vitamin B1 tends to cure this problem, but being water soluble, it is hard to treat because the B1 simply
comes out in your urine.  The Japanese have created Benfotiamine which is an oil soluble version of B1 and has
shown to relieve neuropathy in double-blind studies.  

How can Amazon gradually evolve into medical products?

Take the following review of Benfotiamine in which I punched the neuropathy button to see only those reviews that
refer to the neurological benefits of a particular brand of Benfotiamine.  


Note that it is not Amazon which is doing the prescribing at all.  They are providing a social network in which
customers can share their experience in taking various supplements.

Here is another example of Amazon using search to help customers find a "cure" without actually claiming that they
are helping anyone search for a cure.  I searched the Amazon main screen for supplement neuropathy and here is
one of the supplements that came up.  

Do you think that Jeff Bezos realizes that he has a "tiger by the tail" here?
Will this trend continue or do you think that big pharma can stop it?
Half of the time someone searches for something to buy, they search on Amazon rather than Google.  Will this trend