Investment Adviser's Techniques of Misleading readers

Example from Louis Navallier:

What to look for:  Claims of what you can turn $10,000 into.  $58,700, in this case. Percentage increases listed out
in specific amounts.  "lock in big gains of 48%, 84%, 88%, 101%, 109%"  

One promotion from Agora Publications talks about "turn a single paycheck into $110,661"  Note that they don't
know what your paycheck is but they can predict to six figures of accuracy what they can turn it into.  (See below.)

I gave up on Navellier when he told me to sell my Amazon stock just before earnings.  Rather than going down as he
predicted, it jumped up $121.  You can bet that he won't be bragging about that recommendation when he tells you
of his huge successes.

That is what newsletter writing is all about.  Brag about your successes and don't talk about your losses.

If we ever decide to become evil, we can start a newsletter of our own.
Make a bunch of predictions.
Brag about the one's that were right.
Make another bunch of "shocking predictions".